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Latest news

90 Minutes fire protection and integrity insulating board by MAGPLY. FPCL have become main stockist for Magply an ultra thin fire protection and performance dry lining board.


FPCL have opened their Crown Trade Paint Centre in Coventry at their Torrington Avenue site. FPCL will stock a full range of Paints including Timonox, Macpherson, Sandtex, Sandolin, Crown glosses and emulsions and Macpherson trade range. For further details contact


FPCL launched the new 2 hour Thermal Actuator Box

FPCL have unveiled their new 2 hour Thermal Actuator Box at the Firex International Show. The new box is capable of fire protecting an actuator for 2 hours at 300ºc while maintaining an internal working temperature of below 100ºc.  Click here to read more. 


FPCL to attend Firex 2016 at London ExCel  

21-23rd June

Firex is the leading event for every professional involved in fire protection and FPCL are pleased to support the the ASFP Passive Fire Protection Zone.  For further information and to register for the show click on the link: or




FAQ - frequently asked questions

19/03/2019 RA Can you tell me if I can get a clear finish with the Aithon product to go on pine. CAA Aithon PV33 is a clear varnish type finish with a clear F3 Topseal. The natural pine, because PV33 is a relatively thin coating will show through. It is alway sensible to try a small area first.


18/9/17 SB Is it possible to install a pipe collar onto a fire batt? CAA this is a tricky one to answer. A few manufacturers have recently tested pipe collars secured using special pig-tail fixings around U/PVC pipes onto the face of their batt system. This configuration has been tested and passes the relevant testing requirement. The maximum is for upto 110 mm pipes. We stock pipe collars capable of being used in this way, but would advise you to contact us so that we can advise you which product to use in your specific application.


12/9/17 Is it possible to use HR Prof on timber pannelling on the side of my house where I have a boundary situation? Yes HR prof can be used on most timbers to achieve Euro Class B or BS476 Parts 6 and 7. It is very durable externally and can be used in combination with compatible stains. The timber will need to be of a reasonable thickness usually 20mm. HR Prof will not however achieve 30 minutes and should you require this the please contact our technical desk.


11/4/16 We are often asked if we sell fire protective coatings for walls and ceilings. Well the good news is we do. We have just taken on the Crown Trade range of paints which include Timonox, Sandtex, Sadolins together with their emulsions and gloss coatings. These products are already available through our online shop or will be available through our Coventry Trade Paints centre in early May 2016.


15/4/15 Is it possible to get a fire protective coating to increase the performance on a GRP substrate. FPCL It is possible to upgrade a GRP, but it is not easy. Adhesion is a big factor and the temperature at which it fails is lower. GRP's can vary considerably and we treat he one on a case by case basis. Having said that we have successfully tested some GRP's upto 1 hours fire protection.


04/07/2012 WS-Do I need to do something with my PVCu Pipe. It is 110mm dia and passes through a 150mm concrete floor. FPCL The pipe will need to be closed in the event of a fire as the plastic will fail leaving a 110mm hole for the fire to pass from one compartment to another. In a concrete floor a 110mm FabStop pipe wrap can be installed within the floor slab around the pipe. In the event of a fire the wrap will expand and close the hole left by the plasic pipe thus retaining the compartmentation.  


27/03/2012 We were recently asked if it is possible to overcoat an intumescent paint coating. Generally, a intumescent system should be removed and a new application made. This is the recommendation given by the industry and most manufacturers. It maybe possible where an existing coating can be identified to overcoat providing this is acceptable to the manufacturer and it can be substantiated with test data.


07/03/2012 We are often asked what standards do we need to comply with on roofing. Currently this is covered by BS476 Part 3:2004. LPCB have just launched a new standard for roofing sytems LPS1505. LPS1505 specifies the testing requirement for roofing systems exposed to external fire. This will enable compliance with the new European standard TS1182 fire performance and classification which is due for introduction July 2013. For further information visit


26/01/2012 RBP What type of fire extinguisher do I need to protection my single stable. FPCL- A 9 litre Water will cover your risk which is of combustibles catching fire eg. hay straw feed etc. You can find this product on


16/01/2012 FPCL-We are asked quite alot if intumescent can be used on aluminium components. The answer to this is yes. However, the failure temperature of aluminium is less than for steel and it is generally necessary to carry out a test depending on the application. Stickability is also a key factor in the success and performance and following correct prepartaion a specific primer will be required to ensure good adhesion.


10/01/2012 JM- We currently have a number of dampers that need fire stopping around. They are not supported can we use fire batts. FPCL- where fire dampers pass through blockwork walls it is necessary for them to be mechanically restrained before installing the batts otherwise in a fire situation they will twist and the mechanism will not operate. This installation is generally carried out by the damper installer.


Do you undertake application of fire protective coatings on site? FPCL - We actually undertake our specialist work in our factory in Coventry. However, our associate company FPSL Fire Protection Solutions Limited undertake the application of Intumescent coatings, Vermiplaster mortar structural fire proofing, all types of firestopping and air sealing. To contact them visit


We are frequently asked by clients where they can obtain top quality Fire Protective Products. We are pleased to announce that a wide range of Fire Stopping, Sealants, Flame Retardants and Specialist Fire Protective Coatings can now be found on our Sister website


We have a lot of small gaps along a wall to firestop. Is there a product in your range we can use? FPD- If it is just low movement gap filling you have our FabStop Acrylic Mastic will do the job. However, if you are expecting movement then you might be better using our FabStop Silicone Sealant. Both products can give upto 2 Hours fire performance.


Can we upgrade existing timber doors to increase the fire performance. FPD- Yes this is possible, but depends on the thickness of the doors. In addition if the doors are panelled they need protecting slightly differently. We supply kits for upgrading doors. The information we need to advise you what is needed is as follows: the thickness of the stiles and rails ( if panelled, the thickness of the panels), the type of timber eg. soft wood / hard wood oak/pine etc and the fire rating required eg 30/60 minutes.


Is it possible to flame retard corrigated paper. FPD-At the moment we do not have a product to apply to cardboard/paper, however we are currently conducting a series of tests at BTTG and hope to have the results in October.


Can you provide a product to give 60 minutes fire protection to structural channel over a garage door. FPCL- Yes - dependant on the steel member size this can be achieved.


It is possible using an Intumescent Paint to achieve 30/60/90/120 minutes. The amount of product needed with depend on the size of steel. This is calculated by using a formula called HP/A which gives a factor that determines the coating thickness. To calculated your requirements we would need the steel sizes.

Can we apply a coating onto soft wood to give a Class 1 performance. FPCL Yes this is possible using IPW. IPW is a paint on product giving upto Class 0 fire performance to BS476.


We have been approached recently about H120 to steel fuel tanks. This type of protection can be undertaken using an epoxy intumescent. The H120 requirement relates to 2 hour hydrocarbon requirement. This type of work can be undertaken in our workshop or we can arrange for a specialist contractor to apply on site dependant on size.


FPCL - A lot of people have asked us where they can obtain fire protective products such as intumescent coatings, firestopping, flame retardant, timber treatments and sealants. We are pleased to report that our Sister Company offer a complete range of products at competitive prices. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we would be happy to help.


FPCL - Following our attendance at Farnborough Air Show we have received a number of requests to create a thermal box to protect from a high temperature outside while maintaining an internal temperature to around 100 degrees C on the component surface. This seems to be a common problem when dealing with modern electronics.  It is possible using our FabShield shell and FabBloc technique. For more information give us a call with your temperature requirements.


We have some polypropylene sheets and we have to achieve Class1 or O. FPCL- we have a product which will cover your substrate and retain a Class1/0 provided it already has this performance. We can offer various colours. The main problem with polypropylene is adhesion and we would be happy to conduct some adhesion tests to prove suitability.


Can you give us a coating to upgrade a GRP shield which we are manufacturing for the railway industry. FPCL - we have thin film intumescent coatings that will give a fire performance to a BS476 Parts 6 & 7 on GRP which has been tested for the railway industry.


We have an application to fire protect fuel actuators for an aircraft project.  FPCL- we have a coating process which will provide fire and thermal protection to an actuator, however we need to know the internal temperature required and the anticipated external temperature as this will affect the period of fire resistance. 

We have 4x CHS 219x8 which we need to protect for 2 hours. Can you help. FPCL- we can provide a half shell made from Epoxy intumescent. This moulded and will give 2 hours on theses section sizes. They will provide a high decorative finish in a range of colours.

We have a project in France which requies an interliner to give fire resistance to a new seat for a railway coach. FPCL - we can provide our FabBloc fire blocking material to give fire resistance between the fabric and the foam in the seat to comply with railway standards.

We are to design a stage set and have to have a large cotton mix curtain that needs flame protection. FPCL - we can protect stage curtains with FabFire F2 flame retardant.  Please visit for further details.

Is it possible to fire protect GRP panels for use in the Railway Industry to Class 0. FPCL - yes, we have a coating that can provide this requirement in our FabShield range.

Is it possible to fire protect canvas tents with flame retardant? FPCL Yes we can apply or supply product to offer flame retardancy to canvas. Our FabFire F2 prodact has been tested for use on canvas.

Can we protect polyester fabric with a flame retardant. FPCL - Polyester is very difficult to flame retard. FabFire F2 has test data on Polyester, but because of the different types of fabric that we receive we always recommend that we conduct a small test to establish suitability.

Can FabFire be applied on GRP. FabFire cannot generally be applied onto GRP, but we have a number of other products that we have tested that will fire protect GRP. 

Do you have any product to fire protect timber substrates. FPCL - we have a number of product for timber from flame retardants to intumescents depending on the application.  Visit for more information on these products.

I need to achieve 4 hours fire resistance on structural beams and cols in a boundary wall situation, can I use an Intumescent paint.  FPCL - It is difficult to achieve 4 hours using an intumescent. Thin film intumescents generally only achieve upto 2 hours fire protection.  It maybe possible to achieve 4 hours using a thick film epoxy intumescent(approx 25mm-35mm thick) but it very much depends on the steel sizes. If the HP/A factor is below 140 then its worth exploring further.  Our application company specialise in onsite application of both epoxy and thin film intumescent.  Visit: for more information.


I have a number of steel beams that require 60 minutes fire protection can you tell me how much paint is required to achieve this.  FPCL - The thickness required to achieve a given period of fire resistence is based on a factor called HP/A. To calculate this we would need to know the steel section sizes. If you contact our sister company they would be happy to calculate you exact requirement.   

We have 50LM of partially exposed steelwork to protect at a new retail store in Birmingham and would like to know if we can use intumescent paint.  FPCL - Please visit website for further information on the products to use and how to get in touch with us to calculate your requirements.

Can we protect aluminium. FPCL - Aluminium is not the easiest substrate to protect and the result will depend on the thickness of the substrate, but geneally it is possible to provide vital minutes of fire protection. Please send us a drawing and a few more details.


We are manufacturing a box to contain an electrical component and need a minimum of 6 minutes fire protection. The box will be made of a GRP material. Do you have a product that can help. FPCL - we have successfully protected a number of projects involving GRP, but we need some more information. e.g. the thickness, is insulation required, what temperature is the box exposed to and what are you trying to maintain the inside temperature to. A drawing would also be useful.  


I have a curtain made of polyester / cotton which I need to flame retard. Is this something you can help me with. FPCL - we can either provide our FabFire retardant for you to apply or we could apply the product for you in our workshops if it is possible to move the curtains. We would need to know the mix of the fabric so that we can advise on application rate or if this is not available we could undertake a small sample test. 

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