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Fire Protection Coatings Limited provide solutions to difficult fire situations of up to 4 hours involving components made from various substrates. FPCL stands first and foremost for the high-quality application of fully tested thin film and thick film intumescent coatings from leading manufacturers, including Nullifire, Sherwin Williams, Firetherm, Quelfire, Protecta, Aithon, Lorient and International, together with a comprehesive range of firestopping systems. Products can be applied to steel, aluminium, timber and GRP plastics by our experienced team in our Coventry factory. If you have a component or product or a complex design that needs fire protection whether cellulosic or hydrocarbon browse through our website - or give us a call 02476 422200

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Discover the advantages of working with FPCL; the unique quality of our manufactured components and actuator thermal enclosures, specialist application of epoxy and thin film intumescent, unique fire protective coatings, paints, flame retardants, fire barriers and fire stopping products together with the skills and expertese of our technical team.

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Discover more about our comprehensive range of high-quality thermal and intumescent application products as well as the various services we offer. Our new Thermal Enclosures for damper systems are now available. Now fully tested to 2 hours fire protection.

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AITHON FIRE PROTECTION for TIMBER  FPCL are distributors for the Aithon range of timber fire protective coatings which can provide up to 60 minutes fire performance with a decorative clear varnish finish. The Aithon timber coating for timber is one of the most extensively tested products in Europe. It has been tested to Reaction to Fire Euro EN13501-1 and achieved Class B, s1, d0 on timber as thin as 10mm. Additionally, it has been tested in accordance with ETA15/0424 and achieves up to 60 minutes Fire Resistance according to ENV 13381-7 and EN 13501-2. It has also achieved Class A (tunnel test ASTM E84). It can achieve structural capability on a range of structural timber elements and has a unique calculation system to assess structural load and char factors for clients. 


Aithon PV33 Basecoat Product Data Sheet

Aithon PV33 Basecoat Safety Data Sheet

Aithon F3 Topseal Product Data Sheet
Aithon F3 Topseal Safety Data Sheet


Aithon PV33 - A unique system for timber substrates - YouTube Video Link



What is the difference between Reaction to Fire and Fire Resistance?

We explore this issue in our latest Blog, looking at our unique product Aithon PV33 that can provide reaction to fire or structural fire protection to timber beam, columns and walls providing a superior finish to its rivals. However, we must understand more about our timber, what is the requirement and what level of protection do we need. Blog Link -  Click here to read our Blog





Our webshop stock a comprehensive range of firestopping products, pipe closers & wraps, door seals, flame retardants, intumescent paints for timber, steel and GRP.  We stock leading brands from FabStop, Tremco Nullifire, Firetherm, HR Prof, Polyseam, FSi, Sherwin Williams, Aithon, Quelfire, Lorient, TBA Firefly and Jewel Saffire to mention but a few. We are pleased to announce the launch of new Fire & Safety Sign range. Available for 24 hour delivery or from our Coventry factory.


CROWN TRADE PAINTS are now available from our Coventry Trade Paints Centre or from our webshop. This includes Timonox fire protection for walls and ceilings, Sandex for exteriors, Sadolins for timber and a full range of emulsions and gloss paints.



Have you ever had difficulty getting access into lofts or areas to access services or meters, then we have the solution. We now have a range of access panels which you can install and will provide between 30 minutes and 2 hours fire protection. There are a wide range of sizes to suit every situation.

NULLIFIRE CPG PRODUCTS NOW AVAILABLE FROM www.firestoppingshop.com Nullifire SC601/2 a solvent based one hour intumescent for steel and SC802/4 a high performance waterborne intumescent to fire protect steel for up to 90 minutes fire protection.


FPSL our sister company are specialists in application of fireproofing materials.

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New guide from the ASFP

The ASFP Guide to Inspecting Passive Fire Protection for Fire Risk Assessors is now available. The guide is aimed at all those involved in the specification, installation or maintenance of passive fire protection. The document is available for purchase in hard copy format (order form). To view a free pdf click here.

FPCL Kings Cross New Concourse Design Praised on the BBC


The new concourse at Kings Cross Station which was painted by Fire Protection Solutions Limited was featured on the BBC news. The concourse which has an elaborate steel structure that looks like a spiders web in appearance was praised for it's innovation on a news feature which showed the history of Kings Cross Station and an amazing time laps film of the construction process. Fire Protection Solutions Limited were involved in coating the steel with it's clean white finish over an 8 month period last year. Technical Director John Molloy who project managed the coating system said ''it was a challenging project to coat but the finish looks superb and adds to the exceptional appearance of the station". Further information and video can be found on the bbc website or clicking the link below. 



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